Advance Trailer & Tire Co. is now a LiquiTube Tire Sealant Dealer!

Why choose LiquiTube?
 As a part of preventative maintenance, this one-of-a-kind tire sealant
greatly increases the life of tires and contributes to better fuel economy.
More importantly, it permanently seals tire punctures up to 1/4 inch in diameter.

 LiquiTube Tire Sealant will save your business money by:
Eliminating the costs of flat tire repairs & road service calls.
Greatly reducing downtime for both equipment and personnel.
Extending tire life up to 30%.
Improving fuel economy.

For more information on the uses and specifications of this one-of-a-kind tire sealant,
see the graphic below or visit the LiquiTube FAQs Page.

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